N. A. Apanovich, E. Y. Maksimova, A. V. Alekseenko*

Dmitry Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Moscow, Russia
*Corresponding author email:

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The work is dedicated to the development of nano-structured paints with a barrier effect. The process of the preparation of such compositions has been studied. The influence of various technological parameters on the processing of these compositions is shown. A practical and effective method for monitoring the progress of this process is proposed. The contribution of technological parameters that allow scaling of the obtained results to experimental and industrial technological lines equipped with serial equipment for the production of paint and varnish composite materials for various purposes is estimated, namely, the dependence of the processing efficiency of carbon nanotubes in the solution medium of an epoxy oligomer on the angular velocity is established. In addition, the temperature limits for the processing of these nanotubes are established for the preparation of nano-structured paint and varnish compositions, which have a barrier effect. It has been established that for the intensification of the processing process, it is necessary to use dispersing bodies and assess the effect of their geometric parameters together with the degree of filling on the efficiency of this processing process. On the basis of this research, the mathematical expression connecting volume capacity with various technological parameters for an estimation of efficiency of process of manufacture of the nano-structured paint and varnish compositions possessing barrier effect is offered.